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Having been brought up with Gordon Setters all around me, it was only natural that I would develop a love for these beautiful creatures. However at the age of 10 when I decided I wanted a dog of my own to show it became clear that Gordons would be just too large for me, so I set about doing some research and decided that an English Springer Spaniel would be perfect, smaller than a Gordon, but still a gundog with a lovely temperament.

I purchased my first springer from Karen Barwick and Manuela Harvey, Kynadie She's Got The Look, my beautiful Abbey. I couldn't have asked for anything more, she's my best friend and I can't imagine life without her! However after a few puppy in group wins Abbey decided the show ring wasn't for her, so now she lives a comortable life on the lounge.

Two years after Abbey came into my life, my sister decided that she too wanted a springer so back to Karen and Manuela we went and Kynadie Leading Lady, Brittney, entered our lives. Now I say entered but really she sprang into it! She was one lively girl, always on top of you wanting to be the center of attention and scaring our veterinarian whenever he came to visit, with her 'springs' into the air, a true springer we called her! Sadly Brittney passed away during 2007 from kidney failure, and not a day passes when we don't think about the impact she had on our lives.

In 2005 I decided that I was really serious about my Springer Spaniels and I wanted another one to show. This is when Karen and Manuela sent me my gorgeous black and white bitch Nikki (Ch. Kynadie Loving Image) and for this I am forever indebted to them. Nikki is the spark of my day and not a moment passes without her making us laugh and smile, this along with her outgoing nature makes her a pleasure to live with. Abbey and her are the best of friends, and as I sit here typing they are curled up together asleep on the lounge. The 2007 Melbourne Royal Show provided Nikki and I with our first major win together, Runner-up Best of Breed, I was so proud!

I love my girls,and I think it was best said by Edith Wharton
"My little dog - a heartbeat at my feet"

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